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Search Tips When Looking for Articles

1. Conduct advanced searches when possible.

2. Make use of limiters.

3. Read the bibliography of articles and make note of:

  • Journals that are cited frequently
  • Authors that are cited frequently

4. If you find one good article, read it carefully and make note of any primary research that is cited within.  Search for that primary research later.

Literature Searches

Show Me!- Finding Clinical Trials & Reviews in PubMed

Campbell proxy

The library uses EZProxy to authenticate students from off campus.  Most PubMed articles won't be accessible off campus without a proxy link in front of them.  Some, but not all, databases will add the proxy to permanent links automatically...but you'll still need to check and see.

Fortunately, getting the proxy link is easy.  To the front of the permalink URL, just add:

For example, if a database gave you the permalink:

You'd simply add the proxy code to the front to get: