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CLNR 332- Communicating Scientific Research: Tutorials & Assignment

Show Me! Helpful Library Tutorials

Please take the time to watch these brief tutorials.  They will assist you with your research while in the Clinical Research online program.

RefWorks & Plagiarism Activities

Watch all the tutorials on the library guide regarding PubMed, RefWorks, and Write-N-Cite. These tutorials are very helpful and tell you exactly how to go about doing your assignment.   Using the tutorials as your guide, search PubMed to find the following types of articles on your disease topic.  Choose your articles carefully as you may want to use them for some of the later assignments in this class.  This activity will give you a jump start to your research for later this semester! Be sure to include all recent articles (2 years and recent) if possible as many of your assignments this semester will be on recent research.

Self assessment

To check that you are able to use PubMed, AMA style and Refworks appropriately, complete the following task.

  • In PubMed, find one article of each of the following, download in RefWorks and generate a bibilography in a word document: 
    • Phase 1 trial
    • Phase 2 trial
    • Phase 3 trial
    • Phase 4 trial
    • Pre-clinical trial
    • Review article
    • Meta-analysis
  • Check that the reference list is correct according to AMA. Refworks can and will make mistakes.
  • Have another student in the class check your work and problem solve.
  • This self-assessment does not need to be uploaded to blackboard nor emailed to Dr van Tilburg.

If any questions remain, contact Dr van Tilburg or Brooke Taxakis

Plagiarism Self-Assessment

Review the Avoiding Plagiarism tab on this research guide.  Take the TurnitIn Plagiarism Quiz.


Your Subject Librarian

Curing Cancer: Clinical Research Trials

You might enjoy watching this video describing the value of clinical trials in cancer research.

Curing Cancer: Clinical Research Trials [Video].  Films on Demand.  Published 2003. Accessed Nov. 19, 2013.