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Wiggins Memorial Library Cultural Awareness Committee: Racial Justice Virtual Training Series Summer 2020

Resource Guide

Message from the President

WML Cultural Awareness Committee Summer Racial Justice Training Series

First, COVID-19 disrupted our lives and called for collective thought and action. The recent events in our nation call again for shared reflection and response. And they may have left you wondering, “What can I do?” 

The members of the Cultural Awareness Committee (CAC) want to put some positive action behind our prayers. And so we invite you to a series of online summer events, including biweekly listening sessions, readings and videos. Your participation is completely voluntary and can be done on your own or shared with library colleagues.

Your Opportunity for Action – “What Can I Do?”

  1. The following article gives very practical and do-able actions that you can engage in to start to make a difference in your immediate circle(s): Dear White People: Here Are 10 Actions You Can Take to Promote Racial Justice in the Workplace
    We invite you to select two personal goals from the article to work toward over this summer. You do not need, but are welcomed, to share your goals with others.
  2. We also invite you to attend biweekly listening sessions, held via WebEx. These sessions will provide an informal avenue to share the experiences gained from progressing toward our goals and will also include a discussion topic or activity, often based on an author’s short work or a video clip shared in the session.

"Black Lives Matter": Listening Session I

"White Ally": Listening Session II

"America's Storm Over Symbols": Listening Session III

"Cancel Culture": Listening Session IV


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