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WML Virtual Symposium 2017: Presentations


Wiggins Memorial Library invites you to participate in the 7th Annual Academic Symposium through our Virtual Symposium. The Virtual Symposium provides an important opportunity for distance learners to share their research with the Campbell community.

LaKeshia Darden


Abstract                                                                                                                                                   LaKeshia Darden is the Curriculum Materials/Media Librarian at Campbell University.  She has recently upgraded the makerspace in the CMMC to include a 3D printer, 2 large format printers, a button machine, and a Littlebits Workshop kit.  Darden also began adding award-winning board games to the manipulatives collection in the CMMC to encourage pre-service teachers to consider board games as a valuable tool to assist students with learning through inquiry.  Her presentation will explore the benefits of incorporating active learning lessons in one's curriculum and how to align makerspace and board game activities with the CCSS.