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Designing an Effective Research Poster

This guide provides strategies and resources for designing a research poster.

Where Do I Begin?

You're worked hard on an original research project that you're excited to share.  But how do you translate a long research paper into a poster to be presented in 3-5 minutes?  This guide will offer strategies for each step of the way, from selecting your content to choosing design elements that will best showcase your research.

This guide is meant to be a supplement to the "Designing an Effective Research Poster" workshop that the library offers during the Spring semester.  Ask a librarian or view our upcoming events to learn more.

Start learning by working your way through the pages to the left; or, take a look at the slides used in the workshop, below.

Planning Worksheet

Planning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you plan your academic poster. Planning might not be exciting, but with a project this big and with all your awesome research to share planning is a must. This guide will help you map out your ideas and plan your design, and also has a handy final checklist to make sure your academic poster is ready to share with the world.