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CUSOM Student Workers Guide: "I can't get into my library account"

Residents & External Faculty (aka "preceptors")

1.  Ask for the caller's first and last name.

2. Check the lists in the folders in the medical library office. If the caller says they are a resident then they will be on the list in the folder labeled Current Residents and if they are one of the rotation supervisors then the Current Rotation Supervisors list in that folder. They may also refer to themselves as adjunct faculty.

3. If you find the person listed, give him or her their ID number.  

4. Give them the University Help Desk contact information ( OR 1-800-334-4111 x 1208 OR 910-893-1208). Tell them that the help desk will need to help them reset their account.

4. If they say they have their login ID but never logged in, their password is Camp followed by the last six numbers of their social security number.

5. If they need to reset their password, give them the information (see How to reset a password at right). You can also send a copy of the pdf in the box to the right.

6. If you are not able to find an account for the person, email with the person's contact information and say a librarian will contact him or her.

7. Before hanging up, ask if you can help them find something particular, and if possible, find and send the resource they need.

Replacement Instructions