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CUSOM Student Workers Guide: Printing & Scanning


Scanning to a Thumb Drive

1. Login to the copier by scanning the person's ID card through the card reader on the right of the copy machine.

2. Once the person is recognized, press OK and insert the thumb drive. Wait approximately 10 seconds for the next screen to launch. Select the Save to External Drive function.

3. If desired, change the filename using the virtual keyboard icon to the right of the filename.

   a. If they desire to change the file type from PDF to something else (if it is a picture they might want to save as a JPEG). They can do this by looking at the bottom of the screen and locating the button that says PDF. They will then click on that button and select the type of file they want.

4. Press start button. Once the machine has stopped humming, the drive can be removed.

5. Press the access button to ensure you are logged out.

To confirm a document saved to the thumb drive

1. Login to the printer using their card.

2. Insert the thumb drive.

3. Select the Print from External Memory option.

4. The file should be listed.

To scan to email

1. Login to the printer using card as usual.

2. Press the menu button.

3. Select scan/fax.

4. Select direct input.

5. Change the file type to compact PDF. (This will ensure that large documents go through the server)

6. Select email and enter email address. The system will only allow documents to be sent to Campbell email addresses.

7. Press start.



How to Print

1. If it is the first time the person is using his or her card to copy, enter the web ID (i.e. everything to the left of the @ in their Campbell email address.) No password is necessary. 

3. The person's name and amount of money on the card should appear on the screen. Press ok.

4. The person's print jobs should show as a list. If they do not, the student may have to send them to the printer again. If this is the first time they have printed and they have not registered their card then the print jobs they have sent will not show up in their queue and they will have to send the print jobs again. Make sure the person has selected the CUSOM Pharos print option.

5. In the future, the person should only have to scan his or her card.

Printing/Copying costs

(As of June 2013 and subject to change.)

Black and White                                 0.05 per copy

Color                                                    0.15 per copy

To make a regular photocopy

1. Login to the printer using card as usual.

2. Press the menu button.

3. Select copy/scan.

4. Place the original(s) either in the document feeder or on the glass.

5. Press the start button.

To print a large (over 50 pages) print job 

1. Advise the student that they can't send the whole job to the printer.

2. Let the student know you have a solution.

3. Either put the job on a flash drive and plug that into the printer or

4. Send smaller chunks to the printer (50 pages or less).

This ought to fix the problem. If for some reason it doesn't let one of the librarians know and they will help.

How to Load Pharos & Adding Money to your Printer Account

How to Load the Pharos Software

Installation instructions for Pharos Popup Printing

  1. Go to and click and install CUSOM Popup.
  2. The above program will install a new printer on your computer called Cusom_PrintQ.
  3. When printing from your laptop or one of the library computers, please select Cusom_printQ as the printer and enter your username when prompted. (Username is the first part of your email address/Blackboard login).
  4. Your printouts will be sent to a hold queue.

Adding Money to your Printer Account

1. Go to

2. Log in OR create and account

3. Select +add Value on the left side of the page.

4. If the student doesn’t have money on their account they will select specific amount and tell the system how much they want.

5. If the student already has money on their account they can select balance top-off and tell the system how much money they want and it will automatically calculate how much to add to make it match that amount.

6. If the student doesn’t already have credit card information in the system they will select credit card as their payment method.

7. Select next and it will take them to the page where they will enter their credit card information. They will select submit at the bottom of the page.

8. The next page will be a confirmation page where they can confirm all the information they entered, i.e. deposit amount, credit card information, etc. They will click make deposit and the transaction is complete. The money will go into their account immediately.