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CUSOM Student Workers Guide: Facility Information

Support Staff Contacts

Security issues, concerns about weather closings or important maintenance issues on weekends and in the evening

Security Desk 1804 or 910-893-1804

Ink, toner, maintenance & repair for photocopiers, computer problems

Chuck Toscano ( or Ext. 4958) Mark Gibbons ( or Ext. 1963)

Individual account problems or weekends- Help Desk Ext. 1208 or Wiggins Reference Desk Ext. 1467

Advice on searches or library problems when medical librarian or assistant medical librarian is not available

Wiggins Reference Desk Ext. 1467

Sarah Wade-Assistant Medical Librarian




Jane Moran- Medical Librarian


Home: 910-658-5946* Please start with me because I live closer and can get here quickest.



Home: 910-426-1635

Cell: 910-322-8975


Desk Activities & Supplies

Library staff members are welcome to do homework, quiet personal work, or read at the circulation desk. Staff members should make sure to pay attention for cues that customers have questions or need assistance.

Important Note: At the current time, the CUSOM library is unusual in that there can be long periods of time where there are no customers. Non-educational video viewing is permissible as long as you are wearing headphones and watching it on your laptop, tablet, or phone. You are not to use the circulation desk computer to watch any kind of non-educational videos. Educational video-viewing (a video that is part of your classwork) is permissible but you are to wear headphones/earbuds at all times so as to not bother the students that are studying.


1. If you notice we are about out of an office supply item, please let the graduate assistant know either by email or by leaving them a note.

2. Please let the graduate assistant know if you think of anything that would be useful for the library to have or any way services could be improved for our customers.

Electric Blinds

Please use the key in the top drawer of the cabinets closest to the office to raise or lower the electric blinds as needed. The operational switch for the blind covering the window in between the bookshelves is located on the wall beside the desk.

Dress Code & Inclement Weather

Clothing should be neat and clean and lean toward business casual dress. Jeans are permissible if in good condition on nights and during the weekends only. During the day please dress neatly and professionally. No graphic t-shirts, athletic wear, spaghetti straps, ball caps, or tube tops. Sunglasses are permitted to be worn into the library but once you sit down at the desk they are to be removed and put away. We reserve the right to give special instructions depending upon scheduled tours and other VIP events.

Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather the library will follow the lead of the dean of the medical school. You are not required to come in to work your shift. Please stay home and off the roads so we are assured you are safe.


Protecting the confidentiality and privacy of our customers and fellow employees is extremely important, especially when dealing with library records and customer information. Giving away customer information is against the law.

Medical library staff should never give out personal information regarding students or co-workers to those outside of the medical library staff. Personal information includes telephone numbers, email addresses, and schedules.

  • Do not EVER give out personal information from a customer's library record. This includes items checked out, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. All information in a library record is private and CANNOT be divulged to a third party.
  • Example: A student asks you the name of the person who has a particular book checked out. You are NOT allowed to tell them that information. It is a violation of that customer's confidentiality and privacy.
  • If a police officer or university administrator asks you for information, please refer them to either the medical librarian or the assistant medical librarian. They will handle the situation. When in doubt ask one of the librarians.

Staff Conversations and Answering the Telephone

Most of the medical library customers use the library as quiet study space. If you need to discuss something with another staff member or even a customer please use the office and close the door or step outside the library door so customers are not disturbed.

Please answer the telephone "Campbell University Medical Library". A flashing red light means there is a voicemail and the code to get in is 4321. Please write the message down and make either the medical librarian or the assistant medical librarian aware so they can respond.

Note: If you smile when you answer you automatically sound more pleasant!


1. The extension for security is 1804.

2. If you are working after 5:00pm, please park in front of the building in sight of the security desk.

3. Should you ever feel physically threatened, lock yourself in the office and call security. While it is hoped this is never an issue on our campus, in the event of a threat in the building invite those in the library into the office, lock the door, avoid the window, and call security. If there is no answer at security, dial 911. Remember that 9 must be dialed first to reach an outside line.

4. In the case of any kind of emergency please call 911 BEFORE you call or text the medical librarians.