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CUSOM Student Workers Guide: Answers to frequent questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add money to my Creek bucks account so I can print?

I can't print with my ID card.

Contact either Mark Gibbons (1963 or or Chuck Toscano (4958 or and they will be glad to help you.

I am having issues with my computer. It won’t print, etc. What do I do?

See the information under the Printing tab.

If one of the medical librarians is available please refer the person to them but if not they can contact Chuck Toscano (4958,

The printer is saying it is out of toner/paper.

Please replace the toner or refill the paper trays.

"I sent a document to the printer but it never printed."

Ask the student if the blue lights on the front of the printer are blinking. If so then the printer is receiving the print information. When they print a document with a lot of information (images, text, etc.) it will take more time than normal to transmit to the printer.

The printer doesn’t seem to be working. I am getting an error message when I try to log in, etc.

Please do your best to help the student at the printer.

I have lost something.

Please check first with the security personnel. They pick things up when they do their rounds. If you think you have left it in the library come in and ask. We also pick things up when we check the carrels before we leave at night and at various times during the day.

Some additional notes that might help you with other library issues that might come up:

Please do not allow customers to reshelve any books they use in the library. They can either return them to the cart or you at the desk.

Please do not allow customers to bring food or drink near the computers in the library. They are absolutely welcome to have both in the library just not near the computers. We want them to last as long as possible.

I am getting a message that I need to reauthenticate my UpToDate access.

1.   Go to the medical library's web page.  

2.   Enter your Blackboard username and password into the proxy authentication login page.

3.    Log into Up To Date using the login and password you used when you first set up the app or register for an account.  

4.    This resets your access and you should see a notice thanking you for re-authenticating your access.

Interlibrary Loan

Placing an ILL request: When a book or article is needed and the Medical Library doesn't have a copy available, the customer can request the material from another library, by talking to either the medical librarian or the assistant medical librarian who will put the request in for them. If you are handling the request please gather as much information as you can about the resource (name of resource, i.e. journal name or book title, publication date, author, etc.) then also ask for the customer's name and email address and email it to both the medical librarian and the assistant medical librarian. They will contact the person to obtain any other relevant information they need to complete the request.

Please allow up to 4-5 days for book requests, and 2-3 days for articles.

Periodical Retention

Retention Periods for Periodicals

Journals - Current edition and 11 months back.

Some journals, such as those which are published quarterly, will be retained for less than a year and withdrawn when space under the display shelves is exceeded.  

Popular magazines -- Current edition and 11 months back (space permitting)

Newspapers - - Two weeks back, and then recycle. Stacks under the shelves should go from most recent to least recent.

Journals and magazines that are being discarded must be packaged and sent via campus mail to Anita Brown at Wiggins Memorial Library who will delete them from the cataloging system and discard of them. This task will be handled by either the assistant medical librarian or the graduate assistant.

Research Consultations

An individual research consultation is:

  • One-on-one research assistance for students, staff, and faculty of Campbell University Medical School and the Nursing, PT, and PA departments.
  • Available by appointment only, at no cost to users

To schedule a one-on-one research consultation please have the customer contact either the medical librarian or assistant medical librarian.

Purchase Suggestions/Donations

Purchase Suggestions

1. Purchase suggestions are always welcome!

2. Write down as much information as possible about the item.

3. Get the name and contact information of the person making the suggestion.


1. Donations of medically related literature are welcome!

2. The medical or assistant medical librarian can issue a tax receipt acknowledging donations. The donor should include a reasonable estimate of the item's worth. These forms are in a folder called donation forms in the bottom drawer to the right of the main computer.

3. Materials that are not added to the medical library are donated to charities that distribute medical literature abroad.

Options for locating full text

1.   Open the catalog, select articles from the drop down list, and type in the title of the desired article.

      Look for a link to full text.


2.  Go to PubMed from the medical library's home page

     Type the title of the article into the search bar. 

     Look for a teal box with yellow writing that says Online full text. This means Campbell has access to the resource.

If neither of these options work, submit an ILL request.