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CUSOM Student Workers Guide: Circulation

Check in Procedures

Mark as Used (use for items used in the library but not checked out)

1.Login to Alma

      i. At the top of the Alma screen hover over Fulfillment and select Scan In Items

      ii. On the Scan In Items screen make sure the Register In House Use box is checked

      iii. Scan in the barcode of the resource and you are done

4. Reshelve the resource.

Check In (Items that were checked out and have been returned, such as headphones or circulating books)

1. In Alma, Click Fulfillment > Return Item

2. Scan the item's library barcode.

3.***IF you see a fine, click the patrons name, go to their account, and waive the fee (See page 3 in the printout)

3. Reshelve

Why is it important to check in items or mark them as "used"?

Making sure an item is checked in ensures people will not be erroneously billed for items.

Marking an item as "used" records that an item filled a customer need, and helps with purchasing and weeding decisions later on.

Check Out Procedures

At this time, most of the medical library collection does not check out, with the following exceptions:

Faculty may borrow up to three items for three calendar days (excluding weekends) at a time. The books will be checked out to the faculty member. Once those books are returned, more can be checked out. One renewal will be available by contacting the assistant medical librarian.

Students may borrow items that have a yellow "C" sticker on the spine as well as items such as headphones and ear buds. The same check out rules apply to the students that we use for the faculty.

How to check out an item

1. Login to Alma if not already logged in.

2. Click Fulfillment > Patron Services

3.Pullup patron account: Scan Campbell ID in search box under "Patron Identification." Or, search for the patron by clicking on the hamburger icon.

4. Scan the first item.

5. Repeat for each item.

6.Click done. This will send an email receipt to the patron

7. Point out the due date (3 days).

8. Advise them that the books will set off alarm as they enter and exit the library.

"Do the skeletons check out?"

Yes. Both of the skeletons have barcodes on them and can be checked out. Simply scan the ID of the customer checking them out and then scan the barcode that is on the skeleton. Please let the customer know they MUST return them to the desk 2 hours before the door locks.