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CUSOM Block 1: Using the CUSOM Printers

Due to COVID-19, Levine Hall is currently off limits for students outside of regularly scheduled labs and activities.

Before you try to print

Important!  Do this BEFORE you try to print the first time.

Registering (This process connects you with your copy account)

1.  Slide your ID card through the reader.

2.  Enter your WebAccess ID (everything to the left of the @ in your Campbell email address)

3.  Skip the password and press OK

4.  A window will pop up that displays the amount of money you have on your card.

5.  Press OK

Downloading the Pharos Printer Driver

How to Load the Pharos Software

Go to and click and install CUSOM Popup.

  1. The above program will install a new printer on your computer called Cusom_PrintQ .
  2. When printing from your laptop or one of the library computers, please select Cusom_printQ as the printer and enter your username when prompted. (Username is the first part of your email address/Blackboard login).
  3. Your printouts will be sent to a hold queue.

Note:  You will not be able to print on Main Campus.  If you try to download the driver on Main Campus you will create a conflict in your CUSOM print account.

Sending a Print Job

1.  From your computer, click Print, and then make sure that CUSOM Print Q on Pharos is selected as your printer.

2.  To make sure your copies are in color, click Printer Properties just below the printer ID.

3.  Click Quality and make sure auto-color is selected.

4.  Click Print

What happens:  Your print job is sent to a printer.  It will not print until you go to the printer and scan your card (login).  Once you have done that, you should see your print jobs displayed.   The system usually retains your print job at least 4 hours.

Note:  If you happened to send your print job BEFORE registering your card, you will need to send the job again once you have registered your card.


1.  Slide your ID card. (your balance will display).

2.  Touch OK.

3.  Your print jobs will appear.  Choose Select All or whichever jobs you want to print.

4.  Press the Start button.

*Note--large jobs with a lot of graphics take some time to buffer.  Blinking blue lights on the front of the copier tell you your job is preparing to print.

"Nothing printed!"

When large print jobs with lots of graphics are sent to the printer, they take a while to "buffer."

Look at the front of the printer.  If you see a horizontal line of round blue lights blinking, that means that a large print job is preparing to print.  

If you have doubts or concerns, please ask for help at the Information Desk or email us at

How to Copy

1.  Slide your ID card.

2.  Press OK

3.  Press the Menu Button.

4.  Select Copy

5.  Place your copy on the glass or in the chute.

6.  Press Start.

Scanning to a USB drive

1.  Slide your card.

2.  Press OK

2.  Press the Menu button.

3.  Select Scan/Fax

4.  Place original on glass or in chute.

5.  Insert the USB.  In approximately 30 seconds, a window will launch  

6.  Select Save to External Memory.

7.  If desired, create a new name using the virtual keyboard to the right of the file name.

8.  Press the Start Button.

How to Scan to Email

1.  Slide your card.

2.  Touch OK

3. Press the Menu button.

4. Select Direct input.

5. Enter the desired email address

6. Select Compact PDF format.

7. Change setting if the originals are two-sided.

8. Press Start.

Important - The copiers only email to a Campbell address.  To send documents outside of Campbell, it is best to use the Scan to USB method (see box) and then attach your documents in an email.