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EDUC 629- Data Driven Site-Based: Know Your Library

This guide offers RSS feeds for the journals Educational Leadership and Educational Management, Administration & Leadership. Tips for finding articles and books are also provided.

Library Hours

For the current listing,
view hours online.

Mon-Thurs   7:30am-Midnight

Friday    7:30am-6:00pm

Saturday   10:00am-5:30pm

Sunday   2:00pm-Midnight

These hours apply to WML during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Changes during exams, holiday, vacation periods, and summer sessions are posted at the library entrance & are on the library website.

Technology Items Available for Check Out





At the Computer:

Create a print job & tag it with your Campbell user ID. Your document will go to a central server and wait to be released. You may go to any of the Pharos Xerox printers on main campus to obtain your printout. 

At the Printer:

You must know your Campbell user ID and have your Campbell University ID card (with funds on the card).  Slide your CU ID card with the magnetic strip facing down. A menu will appear on the LCD display of the machine. Your available funds will be shown.  Press the release button to display your print jobs.   You may press the listed print job on the screen to see Print Job Details, including job name, time submitted, number of pages, and cost of the print job.  You will then be able to select from the following options:

o   Print: Print one selected job

o   Print All: Print all pending jobs

o   Refresh: Refreshes the list of pending print jobs

o   Delete: Deletes the selected job; jobs left in the print server queue are automatically deleted after 4 hours

o   Exit: Exits the "Print Release Screen" and returns to main screen. THIS DOES NOT LOG YOU OUT!

After printing, be sure to press the glowing green button to the right of the LCD screen labeled "Login/Logout." 

Pharos Printer Locations on Campus:
24-Hour Study Area, WML(1st fl)
Information Commons, WML (1st fl)
Periodicals Reading Room, WML (1st fl)
Two printers in Curriculum Materials/Media Center, WML (3rd fl)
Business Library, Lundy Fetterman School of Business (1st fl)
Two printers in Room 201, Maddox Hall (2nd fl)



Book Locations Map

Click image to enlarge.

Important Phone Numbers

Circulation Desk
On-campus:   x2462 
Off-campus:   910-893-1462

Research Assistance Desk/Reference
On-campus:   x1467
Off-campus:   910-893-1467

Curriculum Materials and Media Center/CMMC
On-campus:   x1595
Off-campus:   910-893-1595

Campus Safety:
On-Campus:   x1375
Off-Campus:   910-893-1550

Scanning and Fax Machines

There are a total of 3 scanners located throughout the library:

2 scanners are avaiable on the first floor near reference.

1 scanner is located on the 3rd floor in the CMMC idea lab.

*Note  scanners are avaiable on a first come first serve basis.

Wiggins Library does not have a public fax machine...

But here are some options that you can offer to anyone asking about a fax machine:

1) They can scan their documents using one of our scanners and email their document

2) Photographics