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EDUC 629- Data Driven Site-Based: Finding Articles

This guide offers RSS feeds for the journals Educational Leadership and Educational Management, Administration & Leadership. Tips for finding articles and books are also provided.

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Finding Articles from Citations


Wiggins, G. (2012). 7 Keys to Effective Feedback. Educational Leadership, 70(1), 10-16.


Wiggins, Grant. "7 Keys To Effective Feedback." Educational Leadership 70.1 (2012): 10-16. Academic Search Complete. Web. 7 Jan. 2013.

Steps for finding articles by citation:

  1. Identify the journal title from the citation. (ex. Educational Leadership)
  2. Search for the journal by title.
  3. If there are electronic holdings, navigate within for the year, volume, issue, and title stated in the citation. (ex. 2012, volume 70, issue 1, "7 Keys to Effective Feedback")
  4. Open and read the article.

When we don't have it

What if you need a book or article but we don't have a copy available at Campbell?  Request it from another library through Campbell's Interlibrary Loan service.

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