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HIST 434: the United States in the Twentieth Century: Popular Culture

This guide contains resources to help with research for HIST 434

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a good source to use for information about many aspects of video entertainment.  Entries include information about individual actors, directors,  and television shows.


YouTube is a source for finding user uploaded video.  Content ranges from current events to historical occurrances.


Spotify and Pandora are two music services that allow the user to listen to music from various time periods. 


Hulu is a streaming video service that allows the user to watch television shows.  While the service is biased towards recent television shows, there are shows from the beginning of telvision (I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Emergency!, etc.)


These DVDs can be located on the 3rd floor of Wiggins Memorial Library in the Curriculum Materials Media 
Center (CMMC).