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Environmental Science: Dr. Babuin NC Soil Project

This is a general guide with environmental science resources.

Reference Books

Select Reference Works by the Professor

  • Babuin, M.L., 2010. (Abstract) Management of Nitrogen Removal, Total Suspended Solids, and Stormwater Attenuation in the Town of Cary. North Carolina Pond and Lakes Association Annual Conference Ashville, North Carolina.
  • Babuin, M.L., Clinton, Dan, Fairley, Brad, and Grady, Tim 2009.  Nitrogen Treatment, Management, and Removal of Stormwater from ‘Streetscape’ an Urban Rehabilitation and Green Infrastructure Case Study – Southeastern United States. International Landscape Institute, Annual General Meeting, Birmingham, England (UK); 6p.
  • Fairley, Brad, Babuin, M.L., and Clinton, Dan, 2008. Integrating Stream Restoration and Stormwater Wetlands for Restoration of an Urban Riparian Corridor.  North Carolina Stream Restoration Conference 2008.
  • Babuin, M.L., 2001. Subsurface Environmental Engineering Evaluation and Proposed Fluvial Restoration Plan for Stonyton Creek, Lenoir County, North Carolina. PhD Dissertation published and presented to the Graduate Faculty of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, Kennedy-Western University, 260p (exclusive of Appendices).
  • Tipton, E., Frye, R., Babuin, M.L., and Ihnat, M.J., 1994. Cooperative Solid Waste Initiatives for Yancey and Mitchell Counties, North Carolina – A Case History. Proceedings of the 5th Annual Southeastern Regional Solid Waste Symposium Raleigh, North Carolina 5p.
  • Babuin, M.L., 1997. Development of a Sampling Approach for Isotopic Characterization of Nitrogen Values along the Cape Fear River Basin, North Carolina. Technical paper for the Department of Earth, Marine, and Atmospheric Sciences, North Carolina State University 7p.
  • Babuin, M.L., and Mullah-Saleh, Abdul, 1993. Identification of Subtitle-D Unsuitable Areas Related to Siting and Design Considerations of Sanitary Landfills. In: Current and Future Priorities for Environmental Management Proceedings from the 18th Annual, National Conference of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, p. 809-820.
  • Babuin, M.L., and Byrd-Hand, P., 1990. Caprolactam Degradation and Subsequent Contamination from Routine Ground Water Monitoring (unpublished internal report) 3p.
  • Babuin, M.L. 1990. Elements of a High-Tech Ground Water Monitoring System for Today’s Sanitary Landfill Performance Assessment Requirements. Proceedings of the Eastern Regional Solid Waste Symposium “Regulation and Integration” of Governmental Refuse collection and Disposal Association (GRCDA), (Abstract).
  •  Babuin, M.L., 1987. Implications of a Hydro-fracture Model to Suitability and Selection of Potential Sanitary Landfill Sites. Proceedings of the International Conference on Fluid Flow in Fractured Rocks. (Abstract).
  • Babuin, M.L., 1987. North Carolina Water Quality Monitoring Guidance Document for Solid Waste Facilities. Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Branch Technical Report SW-1001-87, 15p.
  • Babuin, M.L., Whittecar, G.R., Darby, D.A., 1986. Effects of Tectonism Upon Fluvial Landforms and Sediments Along the Coastal Plain of Southwest Colombia, South America. Society of Economic Paleontologists & Mineralogists (SEPM).  Mid-year meeting (Abstracts with Programs).
  • Babuin, M.L., Whittecar, G.R., Darby, D.A., 1985. Tectonic Implications of Fluvial Landforms and Sediments on the Coastal Plain of Southwest Colombia. Virginia Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting, May 1985 (Abstracts with Programs). 
  • Babuin, M.L., 1985. Fluvial Depositional Processes of a Tropical River, Colombia, South America. University Microfilms Inc., May, 1985; 139p.
  • Whittecar, G.R., Darby, D.A., Barringer, R.A., Garrett, J.R., and Babuin, M.L., 1984 (Abstract). Changes in Quaternary Fluvial Systems in a High Relief Humid Tropical Environment. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 16, No. 6, p.397
  • Babuin, M.L., 1983. Bathymetric Map of the Salon Pond, Payan Mining District, Narino, Colombia, South America. In: Hydrologic Assessment of the Planned Hydraulic Mining along the Rio Magui, S.W., Colombia, South America. Old Dominion University Research Foundation Technical Report GSTR-83-a., 11p.

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