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TRST 436 Employee Benefits: Assigned Paper

Your Assignment



DETERMINE the policy which is the basis of the present retirement system in the United States.  By “retirement system in the United States” I am referring to the U.S. retirement system as a unit under Social Security and private plans (IRA’s, SEP’s, 401(k)’s, profit sharing plans, etc.). Suggest at least two retirement systems of other nations that are based on DIFFERENT policies[1].  CRITIQUE ALL THREE POLICIES, including an examination of the major characteristics of the three retirement systems and their strengths and weaknesses.  In addition to the above, state the system you prefer and WHY.  Do not discuss health care systems.  Do not go into the detailed rules of each system.  The paper should be at least four pages, single spaced. It should be in Times New Roman 12 point font, 1.00" margins all around.  Citations should be in APA format with a reference page which will not count as part of the four pages.  You should cite at least seven sources, two of which must be books. 

Variations on APA format:

            1. In the references page double space between references.

            2. Single space everywhere else.

            3. Put a location in all in-line citations.

            4. Place an in-line citation after each quote, paraphrase, idea, etc., not just at end of paragraph.

            5. No cover page or abstract


[1] By “policy”, I am referring to the public policy of the country being critiqued.

Scope notes for this assignment

Research and read for the underlying attitudes, philosophies, and public policy thinking that shape three different points of view about providing retirement for citizens. Frame the examination of the three different points of view by examining the United States and two other countries

Provide a comparative description of the current situation, not an historical analysis.

Do not include 'health care.'