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PGM 450 Golf Facility Cases & Problems: Sources for your paper

Prepared for Professor Ken Jones by Dan Maynard

Personal communications

Personal interviews are those you conduct as a means of obtaining information to support a key point in your paper (APA Sec. 8.7 p. 259).

Classroom or Intranet Resources

These are works recoverable only by certain audiences and not the general public. When the audience you are writing for can retrieve the the works, cite the works using the formats shown in Chapter 10 (e.g. Blackboard). If your paper is intended for a wider audience (e.g. shared with a client or an SBTDC Councilor or posted on CU FIND or is for professional publication) cite the sources as personal communications (APA sec. 8.8 p. 259).


Your Group's Surveys and Studies

Industry, Market, Demographic and Psychographic Reports

Demographics and Psychographics