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This guide contains tools to assist with the writing process

Writing Toolkit

Welcome to the Writing Toolkit.  In the following tabs we have created tools that we hope will help you with your writing.  If you need guidance about the writing process click on the how to write a paper tab.  If you need help evaluating sources look at the how to evaluate a web page tab.  If you have all of your information, but need help citing it, look at the Citation Styles tab.

If you have any suggestions about things that we need to add, please let us know.

Thank you.

Citation Styles

An important part of doing a research paper is citing the sources that you used. The citation style that you use depends upon the discipline that you are writing in, and the preference of the instructor or department that you are writing the paper for. This page provides a series of links to sites that show how to use the various citation styles.


  • Multiple Styles
  • ACS Style
  • AMA Style
  • APA Style
  • Chicago Style
  • MLA Style
  • Turabian Style

Multiple Styles:

These sites provide information on how to use many different citation styles. Some of these cites compare the requirements of different styles, while others provide links to the different citation styles.

ACS Style

This site provides a guide to using the ACS style:

AMA Style

This site provides a helpful, condensed guide to using the AMA style.

APA Style

These sites provide a guide to using the APA style

Chicago Style

These sites provide a guide to using the Chicago Style

MLA Style

These sites provide a guide to using the MLA style

Turabian Style

These sites provide a guide to using the Turabian style

Grammar Help

These sites contain tips that will help you improve your writing.