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*Education Research Guide: Psychological Testing

Test Bank

test bank

Wiggins Memorial Library (WML) has a collection of standardized educational and psychological tests and assessments. The purpose of the Test Bank is to provide qualified persons with samples of standardized tests as part of their disciplinary and professional education.  This is used in specific courses when assigned by your professor.  

The most up to date list and procedures for check out are located at the webpage:

Test Bank Policy

    1. Students are to complete a form if it is their first time visiting the bank for the school year.  Library staff will also consult the notebook to see if the student's name is on the professor's roster

  • Blank forms are located in the folder in the top tray on top of the file cabinet in the test bank storage room.
  • Students will be asked to print the test name and number on the designated column and sign the form.
  • Library staff will initial and date the form once the test has been returned.

    2. While reviewing the test, students must:

  • Remain in the library.
  • Remember they cannot make photocopies or take pictures of the tests with your phone.
  • Do not write on any of the tests or answer sheets. 
  • Refrain from using cell phonephones handling tests.    

Instructional Pedagogy and Curriculum Materials Librarian