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MBA 750 MO Organizational Culture in a Changing Environment: Home 22FA1

Prepared for Dr. Osborne by Dan Maynard

Getting Started

WK 5.1 VIDEO Refresher on building APA Style reference entries (4:45 min).

WK 5.2 VIDEO Refresher on building APA Style in-text citations. 

1:00 Basic principles of in-text citation
1:12 The author-date citation system
1:36 Number of authors to include in in-text citations
2:30 Citing references that have the same author and the same date
4:23 Citing references that have ‘no date’
4:41 Correspondence between in-text citations and references
5:04 Citing quotations
6:20 Including page numbers in in-text citations
7:05 Including materials without page numbers in in-text citations


WK 3 Wed. September 7 Library Orientation

WK 6 Groups may select one member to email me a draft of your Group's Final Paper on the day of Tuesday, September 27, 2022 by 11:59 PM (one submission per group). Participation is voluntary.

WK 7 Presentations

WK 8 Wed.October 12 Major Paper due


Major Project: Research Paper and Presentation

Students will be divided into groups for the major project. They will quickly choose an organization to analyze using the concepts learned from this course. Before starting this project, students are encouraged to obtain the instructor’s approval of the selected topic /organization. The in-class case studies will demonstrate the research paper objectives. See Appendix A for detailed information about the content of your analysis.

This research paper and PowerPoint presentation will be due in Week 7. This paper will be required to follow APA format with a minimum of 10 references. The paper should be a minimum of 15-20 pages (calculations, graphs, etc. should be included as appendices and do not count toward the page count). The paper is expected to be in the general format discussed in Appendix A.

Students are expected to research their topic through the appropriate channels such as the library, getting information from companies, various on-line sources, etc.

The research paper assignment counts 20% toward your final grade. Note, the exclusion of any major component will result in point deductions as itemized in Appendix A.

PowerPoint Presentation of the Paper

Each student will load a PowerPoint presentation of the results of his or her paper (see above). Guidelines for and Frequently Asked Questions about the presentation:

When is presentation? Week 7 of our class. You should prepare slides to present the main issues.

What key information should you cover in your presentation? • Cursory overview of your Case Study. • Results of your analysis. • Your final thoughts on the research results and its application.

Research Project Appendix A: Written Assignment Grading Form for Research Project

Content 50 Percent Points Available 50 Points Earned X/50 Additional Comments: • The analysis includes the following: o Introduction o Content o Research o Conclusion

Oral Presentation 10 percent Points Available 10 Points Earned X/10 Additional Comments: • Student prepared a PowerPoint presentation that is an organized analysis of a company with required sections covered and explained.

Organization / Development 20 Percent Points Available 20 Points Earned X/20 Additional Comments: • Paragraph transitions are present, logical, and maintain the flow throughout the paper. • The introduction and conclusion are logical.

Mechanics 20 Percent Points Available 20 Points Earned X/20 Additional Comments Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. • Sentences are complete, clear, and concise. • APA guidelines are followed with at least 10 references.

Subject Guide

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