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SimplyAnalytics: About the Data

Use SimplyAnalytics (formerly SimplyMap) to create thematic maps, datasets, and reports using thousands of demographic, business, and marketing data variables for the U.S. Use it when you need demographic and marketing data for a specific area.

SimplyAnalytics Data

Geographic Research partners with premier U.S. data providers to give SimplyAnalytic users the most current demographic, business, and marketing data available. SimplyAnalytics provides nationwide data by state, Congressional District, county, city, zip codes, census tract, and census block-group geographies. If you aren't sure of the name, date, or source of the variable(s) you are using, you can View Metadata within the variable's menu in the Data selection screens.

The following types of data are available in our subscription to SimplyAnalytics:

Demographic Variables
Population, Age, Gender, Race & Ethnicity, Income, Education, Jobs & Employment, Poverty, Language, Ancestry, Households, Family Type & Marital Status, Vehicles & Transportation, Housing, Market Segments, Consumer Behavior, Health, Technology, and Finance.

Census Data
Census data: including 2000 plus current year census estimates and 5 year projections.

Business and Marketing Variables

  • Detailed Consumer Expenditure, Consumer Price Index, Quality of Life & Consumer Profiles, Business & Employee Counts by industry, and EASI© Market Segments & Life Stages.
  • MRI/Mediamark Research’s (MRI©) Survey of the American Consumer™: EASI, using MRI survey data, produces local estimates of usage and consumption (propensity) for thousands of specific and detailed products and services.
  • Simmons/Experian SimmonsLOCAL: a powerful targeting and profiling system that provides insights into consumer behavior for all of America's 210 media markets on a local level with 60,000+ data variables, including over 450 categories and 8,000 specific brands.
  • Nielsen Scarborough: Scarborough, a Nielsen service, surveys more than 210,000 people 18 years of age and older across the country to capture local consumer trends in large and mid-tier markets. Surveys are completed market by market during a 12-month period across more than 140 metro survey area which are grouped by counties. Data is available at the DMA level, county level, City, ZIP Code, Census Tract and Block Group. Within each market, Nielsen Scarborough conducts phone interviews, distributes survey booklets, television diaries and internet surveys. These studies measure the trends, attitudes and behaviors of consumers in the local markets where they live.