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EDUC 221-Intro to Education: CMMC Resources

Technology Items Available for Check-out

Ellison Die Cut Machine

Over 120 dies are available for your use with the Ellison Die Cutter in the Idea Lab.  Construction paper is provided.  Directions are posted.

Additional Items Available

Sentence strips



People Colors crayons

10-count set of scissors

Classroom set of calculators


Paper clips

Poster board

Please see the CMMC Librarian to obtain any of the above materials.  You will be asked for you CU student I.D. or your FOL card.

Submitting Poster Printing or 3D Printing Requests



3D Printing

View 3D printing policies, procedures, and online request form.


Poster Printing

View poster printing policies, procedures, and online request form.

Curriculum Materials/Media Librarian

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Wiggins Library

Join Friends Of the Library (FOL)

The University Libraries' online catalog, the CamelCat, is now available on the web. We now provide a web-based graphical interface to our Libraries' holdings in addition to the text-based access we have been providing. This makes it possible for anyone anywhere to obtain library information on the CamelCat with a standard web browser. New features available from the web-based CamelCat include:

  • Email search results
  • Send interlibrary loan requests, purchase requests, or messages to staff
  • Print from current session at your PC
  • Easier searching by location, collection or material type
  • Hot links embedded in records that can lead to related searches or to Internet sites

Book Binding

A book binder is located in the Idea Lab and can be used free of cost.  Directions are posted.