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Video Resources: Embedding Videos

A list of video resources that you can use in your classes

Embedding Videos

The instructions below are specifically for Films on Demand, but the other databases that will let you embed will have an embed code that you can use the same procedure to put the video into Blackboard.

How to Embed Videos into Blackboard

1. To embed a streaming video into Blackboard, you first need the video's embed code.  To find the embed code for a Films on Demand title, head to the desired video and click on the "Share" button. 

2. You will have two options: Email & Embed/Link.  Choose the "Embed/Link" tab and copy the embed code.

3. Now head back to your Blackboard course shell. Choose your preferred content area in the Course Menu where you would like to house the video.


4. Make sure the Edit Mode is set to "On."

5. Choose "Item" from the Build Content dropdown list.

6. Type the name of the video in the "Name" box and select the HTML option in the Text menu.  An HTML code view box will appear.

 7. Paste your embed code* in the HTML code view box.  Click "Update."

* Make sure the University's proxy URL ( is included.  If you do not see it, you may paste it in  just prior to the URL for the video. 

8.  Choose "Submit."

9.  You are almost done.  Citing the video sets a good example for your students.  Fortunately, Film on Demand has a citation feature that you can use.


What you will see while editing:


10. Choose "Submit."


What your students will see: