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Produced for Karen Mishra, Ph.D. by Dan Maynard new Spring 2019

Guidelines for this assignment

Your Team Papers should inform your Team's PPT Presentations: 1) The Mid-Term Paper/PPT (the ROCC of Trust: Reliability, Openness, Competence, and Compassion (ROCC) Four Key Dimensions of Trustworthiness) and 2) The Final Paper/PPT (the CSR Pyramid, Corporate Social Responsibility).

ROCC of Trust Team Paper/PPT = 12.5%, CSR Pyramid Team Paper/PPT = 12.5%

Due dates

Orientation to APA format for your Team Papers

In class - Monday, February 10, 2020

Draft 1 ROCC of Trust Team Paper (mid-term paper)

Upload as a Blackboard assignment - Due 11:59 PM, Friday, February 14, 2020

Final ROCC of Trust Team Paper (mid-term paper)

Final ROCC of Trust Team Paper due to Dr. Mishra by 11:59 PM, Monday February 24, 2020

CSR Pyramid Team Paper (end of term paper) CANCELED (now independent assignment).

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