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Academic Posters: Designing Your Academic Poster

This webpage is filled with tips and tricks on how to make your academic poster stand out from the crowd with a powerful, clean, and exciting look.

Planning Worksheet

Planning Worksheet

This worksheet will help you plan your academic poster. Planning might not be exciting, but with a project this big and with all your awesome research to share planning is a must. This guide will help you map out your ideas and plan your design, and also has a handy final checklist to make sure your academic poster is ready to share with the world.

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For more resources, check out UNC Graduate School's Poster and Presentation Resources

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IconA well designed academic poster will showcase how awesome your research really is. This webpage is filled with tips and tricks on how to make your academic poster stand out from the crowd with a powerful, clean, and exciting look.

Creating Your Virtual Poster

1. Choose a layout.

Peruse the templates below as you brainstorm ideas for your research poster.

2. After Creating Your Poster, Save it as a .PDF for Printing or to Present Virtually

To create a PDF you can use the PowerPoint Save As... option to save in PDF format (available with Office 2007 and later versions)

  • Menu File | Save as...  
    • Select Save as type PDF
  • Ensure that the saved PDF displays all of your poster before you submit (if not, check the sizes specified in your PowerPoint Page Setup
  • Now you are ready to print or share/upload your file to present virtually.  Move on to step number three if you need to record narration for your poster.

3. Adding Narration to Your Poster. 

  • Prepare a script. Outline the data and/or findings you want to highlight and discuss for each section of your poster.
  • Open the saved PowerPoint slide that you have of your poster.
  • Use the Record Slide Show feature in PowerPoint to record your narration.

See the videos below for instructions on how to add narration to your poster in PowerPoint.  The second video explains how to use Zoom to record group presentations.

CU Logos


Complete the following steps to upload an official Campbell University logo to your presentation:

1. Login to Blackboard.

2. Click Tools.

3. You should see a button that says, University Logos.  Click and you will be directed to the Marketing Materials folder to select the logo of your choice to download.











New to InDesign? No fear! Consult the InDesign Quickguide below.


Design Assets

Design Assets

Find images to include in your presentation

More info on citing and reusing media ethically


Color Schemes
Tools to help you choose a color scheme


Free Fonts
Customize your presentation with creative, eye-catching fonts