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CUSOM Student Workers Guide: Library Daily Procedures

Closing Procedures

1. Just before closing time, make sure any books are marked as used and shelved.

2. Straighten the library, pick up litter, push in chairs, and straighten the circulation desk.

3. Email the medical librarian if anything unusual occurred (for example, the door locked early or intermittently throughout your shift, there was a power failure, customer got angry, etc.) or if you notice any other situations that you think are important. If the doors don't lock at the appropriate time please be sure to make the security guard on duty aware so they can make a check throughout the night. Also, please let the medical librarian know so they can put in a work order.

4. Log off the computers. (They do not need to be turned off).

5. Get home safely!

Alma Login and Mark as Used

1. How to get into Alma

      i.Click the Tab with a rainbow symbol in the Firefox tabs

         1. User ID: CMULStudent

         2. Password: DrGaylord2019

2. On the circulation desk computer, open and log into LibAnswers (this is one of the preset tabs in both Firefox and Chrome that comes up).

   a. How to get into LibAnswers

      i. Login:

      ii. Password: CUSOM1

3. Mark as used any items on the cart.

   a. How to Mark an Item as Used in Alma

      i. At the top of the Alma screen hover over Fulfillment and select Scan In Items

      ii. On the Scan In Items screen make sure the Register In House Use box is checked

      iii. Scan in the barcode of the resource and you are done

4. Reshelve the resource.


1. The medical library desk schedule is prepared based upon student worker availability. Student workers are responsible for informing the medical librarian about their availability to work. Every effort will be made to prepare the schedule well in advance.

2. In the event of a serious illness or emergency, the medical librarian will locate a substitute.

3. Medical library staff are expected to report promptly for their shifts. They should call/ text and give warning if they will be unavoidably late. Excessive tardiness and absences may be cause for dismissal.

 a. On weekend mornings, the assigned staff member should contact the security guard if he/she is going to be late. The number for the security desk is 910-893-1804. If you are the afternoon shift on the weekends you should call the medical library or text the person you are relieving and let them know you are going to be late.

4. Student workers and/or part-time staff will not work the weeks of Christmas and New Year's and should budget accordingly.

Conscious Greetings

1. Look up and smile, wave or otherwise greet people as they come through the door.

2. If a customer appears to be struggling with a task please offer assistance as soon as you notice- DO NOT wait to be asked.

3. Record reference and directional questions in the LibAnswers database. Complete as much information as possible. To understand the levels of the READ scale, click the i icon and read the description.