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General Engineering Resources: Articles & Journals

How can you find accurate, appropriate, and timely information on general engineering subjects? The guide is an introduction to varied information sources within engineering, from books, journals, and databases to patents and standards.

Searching for Articles

Using Articles

OneSearch is a great place to start looking for articles, as it combines most of the library's books, journal articles, and digital resources into a single search.  Search OneSearch from the library website, or using the search box below.

You can also search for engineering articles within the Scopus database. 

Find Articles using OneSearch



 Peer-reviewed only

Advanced Search

OneSearch combines most of the library's books, journal articles, and digital resources into a single search.

To retrieve more precise search results, learn how to use boolean operators or truncation when developing search strings. 


The Search String Toolkit

The Boolean Operators: AND, OR, and NOT

AND finds sources that mention both listed concepts.
Wikipedia AND accuracy

OR finds sources that mention either of the two concepts.
Wikipedia AND (accuracy OR reliability)

NOT excludes sources that mention a certain concept.
Wikipedia AND (accuracy OR reliability) NOT “drug information”

Other Helpful Tools:

Quotes link phrases together. Putting the phrase “drug information” in quotes searches sources with that exact phrase, instead of searching sources with the word “drug” and “information” separately.

Truncation allows you to search a word in its varying forms.  To use truncation, type the root of the word and place the truncation symbol (often an *) behind it.

Searching for accura* will include sources that use the term accurate and the term accuracy.  
Wikipedia AND (accura* OR reliab*)

Using Journals

Using Journals
Journals are regular publications of current research articles within a particular subject or profession.  Types of journals include:

Popular Journals/Magazines

Popular journals or magazines are written for a non-scholarly audience and tend to contain advertisements and full-color illustrations or photographs. (Nuts & VoltsPopular Mechanics.) 

Trade Journals

Trade journals contain current information and practical advice within a specific profession or industry. (ASEE Prism. Design News. Engineering News Record.)

Scholarly Journals

Scholarly journals are peer-reviewed journals containing original research within a field. Articles are detailed in nature and cite other previously-published works within the field. (Journal of Materials Science. J. of Chemical & Engineering Data, Heat and Mass Transfer

If you are interested in browsing a specific journal, type the journal name in the search box below.  Or, browse journals by subject using the hyperlinked subject terms.

Search for a Specific Journal

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Browse Journal Lists by Subject

Browse our journals by subject to discover the journals we subscribe to in a given field.

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