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Edible Book Festival: Home

Library Guide for our Edible Book Festival


  Thank you to all who participated in the Third Annual

Held in honor of National Library Week.

 Monday, April 7, 2014
24-hour Study Area

Cake served at 2:00pm.


Register Now! Forms due April 6th, 2014


We look forward to seeing you at the
Fourth Annual Edible Book Festival next year!

What is the Edible Book Festival?

Participants create an "edible book," which may be inspired by a favorite tale, involve a pun on a famous title, or simply be in the shape of a book (scroll, tablet...).  All entries will be exhibited and voted on, and winners will receive a Barnes & Noble gift card.  Voters receive door prizes, and cake will be provided for all. This is a fun way to celebrate the books/resources that are available at Wiggins Memorial Library.

Registration & Event Info

Students, faculty, staff, and community members may register as individuals or in groups of any size (ex., clubs & campus organizations, academic department, dorms).  To register, complete the form to the left by April 6, 2014. Entries will be judged based on the following categories:

  1. Best Depiction of a Classic
  2. Best Depiction of a Children's/Young Adult Book
  3. Funniest/Punniest
  4. Best in Show

Winners in each categories will receive a Barnes & Noble gift card.  Wiggins Library will be providing a cake for all to enjoy, and voters will receive door prizes.

New this year, we will have a number of Celebrity Judges, who will choose their favortie entries with weighted votes.

Just a few rules:

Wiggins Library Edible Book Festival Rules:

1) Entries must be made entirely from edible materials (cake, bread, crackers, Jell-O, produce, candy, etc.) as long as it can sit for an hour or two without melting, turning bad, or getting scary.

2) Entries must be related to books or library resources thematically or literally. 

3) Participants must deliver entries to the 24-Hour Study Area between 1:00pm and 2:00pm on the day of the event (Monday, April 7, 2014).

4) Please bring a copy of the book your entry represents with you, or check one out from the library.


Questions? Contact the event coordinator:

Brooke Taxakis