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CLNR 552: Scientific Communication- Online Class: Tutorials & Assignment

This guide is designed to point Distance Education CLNR 552 students toward library resources.

Show Me!- PubMed & RefWorks Videos

Article Type Filter in PubMed

PubMed Tutorials

RefWorks & Plagiarism Activities


Watch all the tutorials on the library guide regarding PubMed, RefWorks, and Write-N-Cite. These tutorials are very helpful and tell you exactly how to go about doing your assignment.   Using the tutorials as your guide, search PubMed to find the following types of articles on your disease topic.  Choose your articles carefully as you may want to use them for some of the later assignments in this class.  This activity will give you a jump start to your research for later this semester! Be sure to include all recent articles (2 years and recent) if possible as many of your assignments this semester will be on recent research.

RefWorks Activity

Find one article on each of the following, download to RefWorks, and then generate a bibliography in a word document.


  1. Phase 1 article
  2. Phase 2 article
  3. Phase 3 article
  4. Phase 4 article
  5. Pre-clinical article
  6. Review article
  7. Meta-analysis

Plagiarism Activity


Watch the video on plagiarism under the plagiarism tab on the library CLNR 552 libpage.  Complete the discussion board posts regarding plagiarism and complete the quiz found under week 2 on blackboard when you have completed the video.


Search Campbell Resources


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Peer-reviewed only

Advanced Search

Written Directions- Exporting to RefWorks from PubMed

Exporting to RefWorks from PubMed

1.  Conduct your search.

2.  Mark the records you wish to export.

3.  Click on the Display Settings link and select Medline and click the Apply button.

4.  Your results will be displayed in a tagged format.  Using your browser's Save As  function, navigate to the local drive and directory where you want to save the file and save the file in the text (.txt) format.

5.  Log in to RefWorks.

6.  Select References/Import from the toolbar.

7.  Select NLM PubMed as the data source and as the database.

8.  Browse to find the text file you saved to your computer (if you opened the file, copy and paste the text into the Importing Data from the Following Text area).

9. Click Import.

10. Your records should appear in the Last Imported Folder.

Curing Cancer: Clinical Research Trials

You might enjoy watching this video describing the value of clinical trials in cancer research.

Curing Cancer: Clinical Research Trials [Video].  Films on Demand.  Published 2003. Accessed Nov. 19, 2013. 

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