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ENGL 300: Literary Research & Analysis- S. Truffin

Searching for literature criticism of your novel? This guide can help.

Writing & Tutoring Services

Writing and tutoring services are located in third-floor Wiggins.

  • Writing and tutoring services are available Sundays - Thursdays from 7pm-10pm in the CMMC
  • The tutoring center schedule and course offerings are available online; tutoring services will begin on September 8 for Fall 2015.
  • Pharmacy tutoring is available Mondays - Fridays from 1pm-5pm, Room 301.

School of Business tutoring is available in Lundy-Fetterman, Room 107, Tue 7pm-10pm and Wed 3pm-6pm.

More information on writing and tutoring services is available on the Student Services webpage.

Photocopies and Printing

Xerox Locations:

Information Commons (2)
Periodicals Reading Room (1)
Wiggins 2nd Floor (1)
CMMC Outside of Comp. Lab (1)


Printing Costs:

$0.05 per side black and white
$0.15 per side color



Located in Wiggins Basement
$0.10 per page


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Student ID Card:

Expand Log In options.
Choose "campus card" and
"register if first time", then log in and "click "add Value"


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