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CEDU 626/DIVI 5622-Professional Orientation in Ethics for Counseling: Finding Articles on Your Topic

Recommended Databases

Databases are collections of articles and documents. You can use a database to find articles on your topic from a variety of journals. Many of the articles you find through the Libraries' online databases will include an electronic copy of the article that you can print, save, or email.

The databases below are specifically recommended for education research. If your topic also falls under another discipline, like religion or sociology, you may also need to look in databases for those subjects. Use the drop-down subject menu on our "All Databases" page to find recommended databases.

Academic Search Complete via EBSCOhost (Full Text)
PsycINFO via EBSCOhost
SAGE Journals Online (Full Text)                                                                                                                   
SAGE Open via Sage (Full Text)
Scopus via Elsevier SciVerse

Off-Campus Access to Online Databases

Online databases are restricted to the Campbell University community. To access off-campus, provide your Campbell WebAccess username and password.

Finding Religious/Moral/Ethical/Perspectives on Your Topic

There are a couple of ways to find articles that focus on the religious, moral, and ethical aspects of your topic.

The first method is to add additional keywords, like "moral," or "ethics," or "Christian," to whatever search you're doing. ERIC applies the subject terms "Moral Issues" and "Ethics" to articles that deal with the ethics or morality of education. So, you can add the string ((DE "Moral Issues") OR (DE "Ethics")) to any search to find articles that address morality or ethics--like this search for peer-reviewed journal articles in ERIC that use the terms (DE "Moral Issues") OR (DE "Ethics")) AND (DE "Special Education").

PsycINFO uses the subjects "Ethics," "Morality," and "Values." As with ERIC, you can add those terms to your search to focus it, like this: (DE "Ethics" OR DE "Morality" OR DE "Values") AND (DE "Special Education").

The second method is to do a search for your topic in a religion database. 

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials via EBSCOhost (Full Text)
ProQuest Religion Database via ProQuest (Full Text)

When we don't have it

What if you need a book or article but we don't have a copy available at Campbell?  Request it from another library!  There are two easy ways to have a book or article loaned to you from another library:

  1. Through Campbell's Interlibrary Loan service
  2. Through WorldCat  (Look for the ILL symbol below when using WorldCat.)