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PNUR 100: Success in Nursing Seminar: Finding Articles

Learn the basics of nursing research using this handy guide.

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"prenatal vitamins" AND pregnancy

("prenatal vitamins" OR "prenatal care") AND infants

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Placing an ILL request: When a book or article is needed and Wiggins Library doesn't have a copy available, the patron can request the material from another library, using ILLiad form online.  Please allow up to 4-5 days for book requests, and 2-3 days for articles.

Picking up an ILL item: All ILL items are shelved alphabetically on a shelf in the Research Assistance office area and patrons come to the Research Assistance Desk to pick up their items.  'When a patron comes to pick up a book, have them sign and date the slip of paper in the book, and give the signed slip to Marie.

Returning an ILL item:  When a patron returns an ILL book, place this book on the shelf labeled ILL returns in the Research Assistance office area.