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EDUC 351: Current Trends and Issues in Elementary Education

Elementary Education Curriculum

Articles on Trends in Education

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Trend 1: STEM--"Moving Into Math Stations"

Debbie Diller brings the world of math stations to life, demonstrating how you too can effectively incorporate math stations into your instruction to enhance your students’ conceptual understanding and skills.
Debbie works with both 1st and 2nd grade teachers and students, demonstrating how to: find the time and space for math stations organize and manage manipulatives move from whole-group lessons to stations work foster all-important math talk and much more.
Both the larger purpose of math stations – how they connect big ideas to meaningful independent practice – and the detailed nuts and bolts of creating and implementing stations in the math classroom are explored in this video.

Trend 2: Project-Based Learning (PBL)--"We Can Change the World Contest"

​Fox Creek Elementary School students participated in the Siemen's "We Can Change the World" contest. This is a video about the project based learning associated with this project.  The second video explains the concept of "project-based learning."

Trend 3: Collaborative Learning--"Student Slam--Collaborative Writing Projects "

At Byrd Elementary School 4th grade students have been working on a collaborative research project with 5th graders at another local school. They use Google Docs to communicate, share work, and revise each other's work.

Trend 4: Concrete Learning-"Using Manipulatives & Multimedia to Teach a Math Lesson"

Today most math instruction focuses on understanding math concepts through the use of hands-on activities, manipulatives, real life applications, and “how to” essays

Articles on Issues in Education

If any of these articles do not load when clicking the link, just type the title of the article in your browser's search box.

Issue 1: Achievement Gap--"Meeting the Needs of Boys at School"

Meeting the Needs of Boys at School (05:46)

From Title: The Problem with Boys: Falling Behind in School and Life

Studies indicate a growing trend toward academic underachievement among boys. A panel of experts suggests ways in which schools and teachers can make changes to better meet the needs of boys.

Item Number: 37476
©  2004

Issue 2: The Homework Debate--"Lesson: Homework"

Lesson 7: Homework (03:14)
From Title: The War on Kids

Homework is at the center of endless family conflicts. Children want to do things they care about, not something they've been engaged in all day. Not one academic research has found that homework is worthwhile for children before entering high school.

Item Number: 47843
©  2009

Issue 3: Accountability--"Making Schools Work: Conversations with Kati Haycock and Michael Casserly"

Accountability within the Standards Movement (01:48)

From Title: Making Schools Work: Conversations with Kati Haycock and Michael Casserly

Students take assessments to determine if they have met the standards. Each school is held accountable by having to publish results so the public can see how the students performed.

Item Number: 35148
©  2005

Issue 4: Tracking--"Ability Grouping"

Ability Grouping (03:00)

From Title: The Heart of the Nation

Children are grouped according ability, which educators believe help students pass standardized tests. Parents are less involved in their children's education than in Japan.

Item Number: 4281
©  1994