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EDUC 351: Technology Petting Zoo Resources

Elementary Education Curriculum

Using the Flip Camera in the Classroom

Tag My Doc: Assign QR Codes to Your Documents

Tag My Doc is a new service that allows you to assign and print a QR code on your documents. The process is very simple. Just upload your document and let Tag My Doc generate a QR code for it. You can then print out your document with a QR code on it. The free version of the service allows you to store up to 1GB of documents on your Tag My Doc account, password protect your documents, and choose the placement of the QR code on your document.  You must first visit the web site to create an account, and further instructions will be provided.


Lesson Idea Using QR Codes

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Video Presentation Resources

Top Educational Virtual Reality Apps

Using AppleTV in the Classroom

GPS Units Available for Check out

Geocaching Websites


Technology Items Available for Check Out