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CLNR 552 : Scientific Communications: Journals

Searching for Journals

Search for journals by title.  Searching by journal title is handy if you have a citation in hand.


Rigsby B. Hypertension Improvement through Healthy Lifestyle Modifications. ABNF Journal [serial online]. April 2011;22(2):41-43. Available from: CINAHL with Full Text, Ipswich, MA. Accessed August 30, 2011.

Type ABNF Journal in the search box.  You'll see that we have the journal in electronic format.  You can search within the electronic journal for volume 22, issue 2 and find the article Hypertension Improvement through Healthy Lifestyle Modifications by title.

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Browsing by Subject

Browsing by subject is another great option.  Select the subject category "Health & Biological Sciences." 

A link like this, Medical Research (86), means that we have 86 journal holdings related to medical research.  Link in to see the titles and to see the format of the journals (print, electronic, and/or microfilm).

"Local Holdings" indicates that we have the journal in either print or microfilm format.  Link in to see where the holdings are located in the library.

Other links indicate electronic holdings.

Pay attention to the dates.  The journal below is not available prior to 2008.


  British journal of medical practitioners

from 2008 to present in Directory of Open Access Journals

from 12/01/2008 to 12/01/2008 in Freely Accessible Journals

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